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10 Tips to Optimize Your Local Business Using Facebook

Social Media nowadays is not just limited to connecting with friends or acquaintances, sharing pictures or life updates. It has become a platform for business marketing as well, both in the global as well as the local field.

Facebook, as we all know, is the king of social networks. It is a good place to reach out to clients and build your brand online. The said social network provides much different functionality in which SEO analyst; web developers and marketers can use to get their business noticed online.

In this article we will be focusing on how you can optimize your local business’ online presence with the use of Facebook.

10 Tips To Optimize Your Local Business Using Facebook

• A Good Page Name -It is best to have the name of your business as your page name in Facebook. This will help maintain a consistent identity of your brand and search engines can associate your Facebook page with your business. If you have establishments located in different areas, you can create a page with your business name plus the location, such as: Joe’s Diner – Los Angeles.

• Inject Keywords in About Section – There is no need to be an expert web developer in order to get this done. Writing something for the “About” page is quite manageable. Insert keywords, essential business details as well as local address and phone number in the information section of your Facebook page, as this can help in the optimization for search engines. However, always remember to not overstuff it with keywords and keep in mind the proper keyword density, as this will gain high ranking in SERPs.

• Customize Facebook URL – As soon as you get certain numbers of Likes in Facebook, you will be able to make a custom URL for your page. It is best to still use your keywords, company or business name to add into the URL – as this will help in sharing your social profile easily and put a signal to search engines to associate the page with your product brand and services.

• Become a Fan – Use your local business page to become a fan of related local pages in Facebook, however, keep away from competitors. Liking a related local business page will enable you to interact and post comments on their updates, which gives you more exposure to the target audience.

• Target Locations with Status Updates – This is a good function to promote your brand products or services in a certain location. This will allow your status updates only to appear to people in specific locations. You can set this by clicking the dropdown arrow under your status box and change “Public” to Location/Language where you can specify a particular country, city or state.

• Offsite Page Links – Link to your Facebook page from your official blog or business website. This increases the value of your Facebook page in search engines and connects your brand with its social network outlets in the web. You can also consider spending some time commenting or posting to blogs or forums including a link to your page to maximize the backlinks.

• Content With Snippets – Turn your Facebook page into a hub of information where people get relevant answers to their needs in relation to the products or services that your business offers. You can post snippets of articles or lines with keywords from your official local business website then the link towards the page. This will serve as another inbound link strategy that helps in increasing your online presence.

• Add Images – Since Facebook implemented its Timeline version, posted pictures are the first things to capture the attention of many. As such, businesses took this advantage to promote their brands and services. Hence, it is recommended to put a cover photo that depicts the story of your local brand and tells the customers what it is all about. You can also add some graphics and images into your status updates as this will result in more “Likes”.

• Regular Content Update – Unique, relevant and interesting content has always been an important factor in SEO. It can add value to your Facebook page. A page update highlights fun and informative contents that drive likes to your page. You can also reward you page fans special discounts on your products or host contests in your local page. This will give followers the idea that you have an active page and increase the value of your SEO efforts.

• Facebook Ads – This is an affordable way in promoting your brand to your target customers in a specific country, city, state, region, and etc. Facebook gives you the capability of serving ads only in a targeted geographical area, you will also know how many people are likely to see your ads, use images, and show up in a user’s Facebook News feeds once they click “Like”.

These are just some of the countless tips out there for optimizing Facebook pages for your local business. And as with all global or local SEO strategies, never expect increase in conversion to happen immediately, as everything takes time to see the change in results.

However, giving constant reliable and quality content in your page is not rocket science; all you need to keep in mind is what your clients and future customers want and need from a local business, and make sure that you cater to them effectively.

How To Actually Make Money Online With Your Home Based Business Opportunity

There are millions of people who search the internet everyday on how to make money online with a home based business opportunity. But on the flip-side, there are thousands who quit and don’t make a dime from their business.

Whether it’s network marketing, direct sales, affiliate marketing, sales from home or any other home business… They all work!

If there is someone in your industry or company that makes the money you want, that means it works. Its just not working for you… yet.

So how do you actually make the money?

I’m going to give you 3 valuable tips on how to actually get into profit and stop wasting your time.

But before I do that, let me give you 1 big life-changing tip:

You will never make money in your home business, if you have reluctance in selling what you have to others.

In other words, you have to know that the money you are receiving from a prospect is less valuable than the product they are getting in return.

If you don’t believe that, you will have reluctance in your marketing. Which will keep you from breaking through and making the income you’ve always wanted.

If you have reluctance, you need to get involved with a different product and opportunity… PERIOD!

Now, lets get into the 3 valuable tips I promised you earlier, on how to get into profit in your home business.

1. Learn Basic Marketing & Persuasion Skills – I like to give lessons in a no BS manner, so here it is…

Guru’s, coaches and marketers who have to stuff to sell, will tell you and convince you that a certain method is the key to success. 98% of the time it isn’t…

No matter how good some internet method is, it will not make you money if you you don’t know how to communicate to prospects the benefits of what you are selling and why they should give you money for it.

No traffic method, social media tactic, postcard campaign or ppc technique will make you money without knowledge and know-how on the laws that drive prospects to make buying decisions.

Here are 2 books that gave me the knowledge needed on marketing and persuasion to start making money fast:

- Dan Kennedy’s Ultimate Sales Letter
- Bob Bly The Copywriters Handbook

Make sure to go through them more than once. The first time just read them to introduce them to your mind, then read them again and take aggressive notes.

2. Consistency with 1 traffic method and Business – Here is another hard truth… You will never make any money unless you are painfully consistent with your business model, and 1 traffic generation tactic.

Now, make note, this is after you’ve learned the basic marketing and persuasion skills.

If you jump from business to business, opportunity to opportunity, just because you think the grass is greener you will never attain success. In fact, you’ll be accomplishing the exact opposite.

On that same note, you can’t jump from traffic method to traffic method just because you tried it for 3 days and it didn’t work. Dedicate yourself to learning 1 traffic method, mastering it, and generating a lot of business with it. Only then dedicate some of your time to learning another method of driving traffic.

3. You have to get your head right – In all the years I have been online, I would say this is the biggest reason why very few people ever make money online.

Making it in business is 95% mental and 5% how-to or technique. This is why getting your head right is important, if you ever want to get into profit.

If you can conquer doubt, negativity and personal feelings of failure, you will eventually become successful in your business.

Reasons Why Would-Be Entrepreneurs Should Make Business Startups Right

Business startups are always accompanied with risks, but provide new opportunities too. You will notice that those new technology driven startups firms have huge return on investments. These firms are driven by research and introduce new things which are proven to be in demand. Those behind these startups firms are senior executives and have the experience in managing businesses. So, business startups investing offer lots of opportunities for bankers and venture capitalists.

But there are those who don’t invest simply because they are startups.

Venture Capitalists and Business Startups

VCs come in two stages. The first stage is they come to the business when it is just an idea. For startups funding will always be a main problem, and if the venture capitalist is happy about the startups proposal and has the potential to grow, it will fund the new business. The second phase, the venture capitalist comes in when startups are already in the business for years.

In this case, business need the additional financing because it has already grown and progressed.

You can find lots of business almost anywhere such as boutique shops or restaurants where previous employees part ways and start their own. also come in the forms of new travel or transport companies where new business owners feel that they are well-experienced and more knowledgeable and have the capacity to sustain their own business.

It is evident that there are lots of business on the internet and technology sectors. Nowadays, business related to IT can be seen in almost all places and you can find many of them in Silicon Valley, California. Some of them have been massively successful and now you can see that they are industry giants themselves. Lots of these businesses are now public and have large clientele that are based on customers from around the world. Their example inspires others to start their own business.

Failures and Business Startups

When business startups work, it is really great to savor success. But oftentimes new businesses fail and this is the thing that worries lots of would-be entrepreneurs. According to data, business startups failure rate is higher compared to those that succeeds. But this statistics should not bother you in opening your own business. After all, these failures will teach you lessons which are very important in the success of business. If you have a viable business plan and the confidence, then your chance to succeed is big.