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Innovative New Businesses – Be a “Socialist”

You are an entrepreneur. You are smart, creative, curious, and you are always planning ahead. You have tons of ideas that you think are absolutely brilliant, if only you could get them to catch on. Everywhere you go, you see ways to make life simpler, more organized, more effective, more fun. Does this sound like you? You are an innovator. If you want to bring your innovative, entrepreneurial spirit into a business, you need to be aware of what’s trending and what is marketable, to help you streamline and prioritize your ideas into what is a clever thought, and what could become part of innovative new businesses.

If you follow the news, you will notice that social media is everywhere. People are emailing from their phones, calling from their cars, Tweeting, Skyping, Face booking… the world is more connected than it ever has been! The best business innovations need to incorporate technology. Not only that, but these social media outlets are a great way to promote your innovative new business! One of the best things about social media for the small business owner is that it provides free advertising that is connected, effective, and can reach millions. If you link all your social media accounts together and create a business page for your business, you have the start of a classic grass-roots campaign with a modern edge. By using your social connections, your businesses reaches your friends pages, they can share with their friends, and so on until you are up and going. Use the social media trend to your advantage.

As technology trends heavily, though, you will also notice a heavy trend towards more classic, vintage styling. Steampunk is a new fashion movement incorporating vintage Victorian with modern edge. Bohemian fashion is making a comeback. Flower children are in. All of this is being done in a fast paced, technology riddled world. In addition, you know what is brilliant? You can do both!

Innovative new businesses are learning to incorporate both sides – the convenience of technology, the nostalgia of the past, and a strong public momentum to become more globally and environmentally conscious – to create a hybrid new type of business. Responsible innovation is becoming more and more important as social pressures force companies to evaluate all aspects of their business – their carbon footprint, their honesty on tax returns, their cost-effectiveness for consumers. Businesses that are going to make it are going to have to keep up with this trend towards responsible innovation.

Innovative new business ideas can range from anything from a fashion boutique mixing vintage and modern, to a new smart phone app. What idea will work for you depends on your strengths, your interests, your resources, and what is trending not only nationally, but also what is most popular in your area. If you take the time to weigh out your strengths and passions, while also observing what consumers in your area are interested in, you will soon discover which business ideas you have that would be marketable in your area, and how you can best pursue making that idea a reality.